Rethinking Design Thinking
PICNIC Festival Amsterdam
September 21, 2010

Proposal for
a new methodology for design
based on conversation

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Update: Designing Conversations for Socially-Conscious Design



In a world of increasing complexity, our problems just seem to get worse and worse. While the activity we call "design" began at the dawn of civilization, “design thinking” has recently been proposed as a means to solve these “wicked problems”—as well as all but guarantee a path to innovation for organizations of all stripes.

But what is "design thinking"? And is it the panacea proposed?

In an unblinking assessment of where design is and where it could take us, Paul Pangaro offers a critique of design thinking grounded in a cybernetic perspective. He argues that conversations are the heart and substance of all design practice, and shows how a cadence of designed conversations is an effective means for us to comprehend, and perhaps begin to tame, our wicked problems.

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