North American Gordon Pask Archive

The contents of this archive have been shipped to the University of Vienna where they will join Pask's personal archive previously donated by Amanda Pask Heitler. Called the Paul Pangaro Pask Collection, the materials were celebrated in Vienna in November 2011 in concert with the centenary celebration of the birth of Heinz von Foerster, whose archive is also housed there.


Selection of Pask PDFs

Updated Content Listing by Gonçalo Furtado [PDF]

Brief History of the North American Gordon Pask Archive [PDF]
published in Gordon Pask, Philosopher Mechanic

Outdated Listing of the Pask Archive with Full Pask Bibliography

Gordon Pask 1928 - 1996, London Guardian Newspaper

Gordon Pask 1928 - 1996, American Society for Cybernetics