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I've created a Search Engine and I can't Capture and Search.
Don't forget to check off 'Allow Capture and Search' and enter the complete URL and Search Specification.

You must also have the special text '&String&' correctly specified; see details at Search Specification.

Remember too that not all Search Engines permit direct capture and search; following Search Specification instructions will tell you how to determine this.

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Allow Capture and Search
Capture-related Problems
I do a Capture and Search and get the response 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application', but when I try a second time, it works fine.
I try Capture and Search, and I get 'Selected information was not available in text format.'
I try to Capture and Search and I get 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application.'
Search Specification

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