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I do a Capture and Search and get the response 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application', but when I try a second time, it works fine.
This may occur because another application on your computer has interfered with SearchPal. Usually SearchPal can detect this interference and reinitialize itself; that's why doing the Capture and Search a second time works fine.

This problem is known to exist with the NEC Battery Gauge utility, but it is possible that other applications will cause similar inconvenience. There are no workarounds other than to do Capture and Search a second time. If you have problems beyond that, see other Capture-related Problems or contact Grasp.

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Capture-related Problems
I try Capture and Search, and I get 'Selected information was not available in text format.'
I try to Capture and Search and I get 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application.'
I've created a Search Engine and I can't Capture and Search.

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