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    • Gordon Pask PDFs, a collection of papers and materials
    • Designing for Conversation, models and prescriptions for improving participation and effectiveness in marketing and product/service design, from early 2009
    • Survey of user interaction design concepts and implementations, 1982 to present
    • Innovation Concept Map: Why, What, and How, at Overlap07 [see Videos section], Ontario, Canada, June 2007
    • Architecture of Conversations: Interpretation of Pask's Conversation Theory framework as published in Negroponte's Soft Architecture Machines (MIT Press 1976)
    • American Institute of Graphic Arts/MIT Media Lab, December 1994. A review of "infrastructure" construed as the context in which business takes place, and its transformation due to "costless switching", i.e., information technology of all kinds
    • Workflow and Evolution of the Corporation, MIT Center for Coordination Science, November 1994. Consideration of the meaning of "enterprise-wide computing" and workflow in the context of the evolution of the corporation
    • Design for Conversations/Conversations for Design, May 1992. Written and produced for Du Pont, this seminar used MIT laboratories as a context for expounding the relationship between "citizen" and "producer", and the critical role of information technology at the core of all business in the "new commerce"

    White Papers

    • Critique of Action Technologies' "Business Process Methodology", April 1994
    • Why The CEO Chooses Not To Listen: Information, Reliability And Decision Making In Corporations (Walter Lee and Paul Pangaro), Working Paper commissioned by Du Pont, November 1993


    Courses Taught

    Selected Performance Pieces

    • New Order from Old -- The Rise of Second-order Cybernetics and Implications for Machine Intelligence, lengthy review of cybernetics written as a performance piece and from a personal perspective.
    • "Just Text", A Deconstuction Rap, 1988

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