Diagram from closing keynote presentation entitled interaction | emergence | autonomy given at Emoção Art.ficial 5.0—Autonomia Cibernética a symposium and exhibition designed by Itaulab and produced by the Instituto Itaú Cultural in São Paulo, Brazil, July 2010


São Paulo Biennale of Art and Technology

Emoção Art.ficial’s Cybernetic Triology

Biennale by Year


The prior themes of interaction and emergence from 2006 and 2008 symposia are reviewed, including examples from the corresponding art exhibitions of those years. Autonomy is then defined in relation to interaction and emergence, and the inter-relationships among all three themes in this cybernetic trilogy are explored. The body of the keynote delves deeper into each of the themes via a second trilogy of conversation, entailments, and autopoiesis, which provide crucial models of each theme in the first trilogy. Our journey ends, at least for the moment, by seeing how our two trilogies point to a third: consciousness, meaning, and being human.

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My thanks to Marcos Cuzziol and Guilherme Kujawski of Itaulab and the entire staff of Instituto Itaú Cultural for their support.

© Copyright Paul Pangaro, 2013.